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My name is Tanya and Castle Rocks Cornwall is my dream come true. I’m pleased to meet you here.
It isn’t just me here, there is also my daughter Hanna and our cat Slinky.

I came into this reality 50 years ago. I’m an Aquarian Capricorn!!

We live in the magical lands of Cornwall, the most southerly part of the UK. A stone’s throw away from an ancient monument site called Castle-an-Dinas. If you look closely at our logo, you’ll see how the rings of the settlement inspired the design.

You may already know me through my Etsy shop (Castle Rocks Cornwall Etsy).  We also have a small shop here at Castle-an-Dinas, the Crystal Cabin. I have to admit, I’m a crap shop keeper! Currently, the shop is closed, I hope to re-open in 2022. My business is online, this is where I’m very comfortable (I do love a bit of tech). I still run my Etsy shop; however, I hope to migrate everything over here eventually. Running a business online has put me in touch with so many beautiful beings from across the globe. Every day I speak to someone from a different country. I love it. Connection is key to living a happy, contented life.  If you are new to crystals and in any doubt about the service I provide, please click on the link to my Etsy shop and check out my sales total and my wonderful customer reviews.

My passion is to source unique, premium crystals and to make them accessible to everyone. I take pride in making sure that the crystals I bring to my shop are ethically sourced. I lovingly handpick each and every one of them, a sourcing trip can take days! It is not an easy job, but it is enjoyable!

My love of crystals and all things that come from Mother Nature plays a big part in my life. Crystals get me really excited. I thoroughly enjoy talking about them and sharing them with others. Whether it be from a metaphysical perspective or a geological perspective, I love it either way.
I’m a qualified psychotherapist, crystal healer, reiki master and sound therapist. Before this present time in life, I used to live in London and work as a financial negotiator! So if you want a deal, be smart 😉

I’ve chosen to concentrate my efforts on selling crystals. Why? Because I LOVE it so much. It’s my true soul purpose. My testimonials and reviews can vouch for the passion I have for my customers and the crystals. I’ll go out of my way to accommodate any request, and it is imperative to me that my customers are fully satisfied. I understand how difficult it can be selecting crystals from an online source. Many people like to see, handle and feel the crystal before buying. I hope you will learn to trust me and my shop, I will do my best to help you in any way I can.

I have big plans for this website, there is a lot of hidden content behind the scenes. There is only me running this show, magic takes time to happen. Slowly things will start to appear. Come back and check for updates, or better still….sign up to be a Clan member and you’ll get the news straight to your inbox.

Please take your time and enjoy the energy while visiting us here at Castle Rocks. I’m grateful you came our way.

Sending you love, always.
Tanya x


Castle an Dinas is a magnificent Iron Age hill fort at the summit of Castle Downs, it has panoramic views of central Cornwall and both the north and south coasts. It is considered one of the most important hillforts in the southwest of Britain. Dating from around the 3rd to 2nd century BCE. It consists of three ditch and rampart concentric rings 850 feet above sea level. The rings in our logo are inspired by the rings of Castle an Dinas. This is where Castle Rocks Cornwall is located.

Arthurian legend: Castle an Dinas was the hunting lodge (hunting seat) of King Arthur, from which he rode in the Tregoss Moor hunt.

It is mentioned in Cornish legends as one of the seats of the Duke of Cornwall and as the place where Cador, Duke of Cornwall and husband of King Arthur’s mother, met his death.

This magical part of Cornwall also sits right next to Roche Rock, a very significant and energetic place. The St Michael ley line runs right through the rock, the energy in this part of the land is quite extraordinary. There are countless ancient monuments around and plenty of stone circles to explore.


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