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Crystal Grids – How to…

How to use and work with Crystal Grids

Base Chakra Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a powerful energy tool that you can use to manifest your intentions, desires, and goals. Crystal grids are geometric patterns of energetically aligned crystals and stones that are charged by intention. A crystal grid’s power comes from the combined energies created between the crystals, sacred geometry, and your intention.

You can use different crystal grids for different purposes or goals. Whatever your goal may be, you can create a crystal grid to hold your intentions and to help manifest them with the use of crystals and stones.

Sacred Geometry

One part of the crystal grid is the sacred geometry in the geometric pattern you choose to use. Sacred geometry refers to geometric structures that hold a cosmic significance. Many ancient and modern cultures adhere to sacred geometric forms in their everyday life and architecture. Geometric patterns are the building blocks of nature.

You’ll find geometric patterns commonplace with the universe,  they’re the favoured way of energy transmission. Sacred geometry may be the universe’s language, and therefore an important element of crystal grids.

Earth’s Energy Grid

According to ancient teachings and metaphysical research, the Earth is surrounded by a web of energetic grid lines that intersect at specific points to create an energy matrix. The Earth’s iron core acts as the matrix. The Earth’s grid has been mentioned by ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Hopi Indians, Mayans, Australian Aborigines, and the Egyptians. Plato also contemplated the existence of the Earth’s grid upon discovering the information he said came from the lost land of Atlantis. It has been said that certain locations around the world are power sites such as where the pyramids sit and other sacred sites. The Earth’s Grid is like one big crystal grid, with the iron core acting as the centre stone.

earth energy map

Intention Setting

One of the first steps in creating a Crystal Grid is setting an intention. You want to be precise with your intention because you will send that message to the source of the grid. Your intention should be very clear and precise. It is important to remember that you are not interfering with anyone else’s free will in setting an intention for yourself. You want to stay clear from influencing someone else’s choices. Set an intention for yourself and your situation, unless you have permission from the person.

The following are some of the intentions you might consider:
Spiritual Growth, abundance and prosperity, health and vitality, relationships with spirit guides,  ascended masters and angels, mental clarity, self-love, mother earth, world healing, chakra balancing, purification and protection.

Grid Formations

There are several ways you can set up your crystal grid. Sacred geometric patterns as crystal grid templates are the preferred templates for many, but several other designs and shapes can also be used. You can download some here: Grid templates

Crystal Grid Components

To create a crystal grid, you need to gather a few items. First, you will need the centre stone, probably one of the most important grid items. I liken the centre stone to an aerial, the broadcaster for your crystal grid’s intention. The centre stone transforms your intentions into a vibrational frequency and then broadcasts them into the universe. So the centre stone should be the most prominent piece in your crystal grid. The size of the centre crystal does not matter.
Next, you will need the surrounding crystals and stones. The number of crystals you will need for your crystal grid depends on your personal preferences and the grid design you use. You can make your crystal grid design as basic or complex as you like.

Crystal Grid Location

Find a location for your crystal grid. It is a nice idea to set it up in a sacred space. This could be a designated room or a tiny corner of the house. You want to set it up in a place where it won’t be disturbed by children, pets or any other curious hands. You could light some incense or candles, play some nice music, pray or do whatever is sacred to you.
Some people choose to align their crystal grid with the north or south magnetic alignment of the Earth. This idea makes sense when you consider the natural magnetic energies of the Earth, which can intensify your crystal grid. To determine this, you will need to use a compass to find the magnetic north. Once you find this, you can align your crystal grid and yourself in the same direction the compass’s needle points. When using the compass, you want to be sure there is no interference of other magnets, large metal objects, electronics or speakers. Metal jewellery, belt buckles or metal watches can also interfere with the compass.

Activation Crystal

The activation crystal is the crystal that will help you to direct your intentions and the energy into the Crystal Grid. The crystal also helps to turn the grid on (activate). The ideal choice for an activation crystal is a crystal wand or a laser point, any naturally terminated crystal would be perfect. I find that for the best outcome and easy transmission of energies, clear Quartz is perfect.

Choosing Crystals for Your Crystal Grid

There are different ways you can choose the crystals for your crystal grid. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to select the crystals for your grid intuitively. Choose crystals that you feel or sense will be the best for your intention. You can also use meditation to help with your crystal selection. Another way to determine which stones to use in your crystal grid is to research crystals’ properties to get some insight into which crystals will work well. As crystals work differently for everyone, the intuitive method might be more reliable for you.
Using a pendulum or a hand scan is another way to help you decide which crystals to use. To do this, place the crystals far apart in separate areas and then with your pendulum or hand see and sense which is the right one.

Activating your Crystal Grid

Once you have everything set up in your crystal grid, you will want to take the activation crystal and use it to connect all of the energy channels with your intention to activate and energetically connect the crystals.
To activate the grid, you will need an affirmation.  A precise message that summarises what it is you would like your crystal grid to bring about.
Take your activation crystal in your hand and state your affirmation, point the activation crystal at the centre crystal while visualising energy coming from your body into the crystal and going into your centre stone. Next, take the activation crystal and move it from crystal to crystal in your grid, connecting the crystals, link the energy from one crystal to the next, preferably in a clockwise direction. You’ll want to keep repeating your affirmation with your intention until you have connected all of the crystals in your grid. While connecting the crystals with the activation crystal, you don’t want to be touching the crystals in the grid but rather directing the flow of energy into the grid and guiding the energy into the sacred geometric shape of the pattern you have set up.
Remember to focus on your intention throughout this process, feel your intention and use all of your senses to visualise your goal to turn it into reality.

Maintaining your Crystal Grid

Once you’ve activated your crystal grid you will want to look after it and give it some care and attention, maybe once a week, or more if you feel like it. You can meditate in front of the crystal grid or direct your attention to the Crystal Grid wherever you are even if you’re in a different location from your grid. The amount of time you leave your crystal grid set up is up to you. You can take it down if you feel the grid has done its job, or you can leave it up for however long you wish. You can leave a crystal grid set up for as little as an hour, or leave it up for a year or more. It’s up to you.

Charging Objects in your Crystal Grid

If you have objects you think might benefit from your crystal grid’s energy, you can add them in. Place objects within the crystal grid, some examples might include jewellery, essential oils and herbs and even yourself. Create a large crystal grid around yourself and sit in it and meditate in the centre of it.

Crystal Grid Checklist

A centre crystal
Surrounding crystals
Activation crystal or wand (Quartz point)
A location to set up your Crystal Grid
Other items you want to include
A piece of paper with your intention written on it
A crystal grid cloth or template

Crystal Grid Layout

1. The first step to making a crystal grid layout is deciding on an intention or goal you want to manifest. Maybe you want to bring more abundance into your life, boost your creativity, or you may have health and fitness goals. The possibilities are endless; you can create a crystal grid to manifest any goal. When choosing your intention, you want to be as specific as possible, as this will determine which crystals you choose as part of your crystal grid.
Write down your intention on a piece of paper.

2. Choose a sacred geometric pattern or shape to use for your Crystal Grid. You will need to print out or draw a template. There are some HERE

3. Choose crystals and stones that align with your intention and help enhance it. One example would be creating an abundance grid. Then you could use green, yellow and gold crystals for wealth. Examples could include Jade, Citrine, and Pyrite. There are no right and wrong crystals to use. You want to choose the crystals that you are most attracted to. Trust your intuition. White crystals represent purity and transformation, with white crystals such as Clear Quartz and Selenite making excellent healing tools, especially when incorporated into healing layouts and crystal grids.

Crystal Grid Steps

1. Gather all the tools you will need, including all of the necessary crystals.
2. Cleanse your sacred space by burning some sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy.
3. Set up your crystal grid. Set up the surrounding crystals in your crystal grid layout. Start from the exterior and move towards the centre of the crystal grid. As you are placing each stone into your crystal grid, make sure you keep your intention in mind.
4. Insert any objects you might be charging.
5. Activate your crystal grid, all the while stating and feeling the intention of your affirmation. Breathe deeply and state your intention aloud, or visualise it in your mind.
6. Maintain your crystal grid.