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1st & 2nd August – also known as Lughnasadh, The First Fruits festival.


Crystals – Malachite – Citrine – Pyrite – Golden Healer – Carnelian – Aventurine – Pinolite – Peridot
to name just a few

Trees of Lammas
Hazel & Gorse

Colours – still green, with every shade of sun and harvest, from gold and yellow to deepest orange.

Harvest time – Gratitude – giving thanks for abundance.  It is also the great festival of Lugh, the Celtic Sun King. 

There’s a real shift during this turn of the wheel. Things are slowing down, and it’s a time to reflect on our bounty and be grateful for whatever we have in our lives right now. Winter is just around the corner, and now is a good time to start clearing and cleansing outside areas around your home.

The story of John Barleycorn: The Sun God, Lugh, as John Barleycorn, is the living Spirit of the corn, or grain. As the corn is cut, John Barleycorn is cut down also. He surrenders his life so that others may be sustained by the grain so that the community’s life can continue. He is both eaten as the bread and reborn as the seed returns to the earth. The first sheaf of corn is supremely important, produces the first (and best) seed and assurance of future harvest. Death and rebirth. Everything dies in its season. Everything is reborn. This is our whisper of immortality. And the wonderful bittersweet of Lammas