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AA Clear Quartz tumbled stones

AA Clear Quartz tumbled stones


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Premium quality, large Madagascan clear Quartz tumbled stones.

I’m listing these Quartz pebbles along with my article about Crystals for Beginners – you can see that here: https://castlerockscornwall.com/crystals-for-beginners – you can also buy this one on my website where you’ll earn gems in the Loyalty Reward scheme.

These tumbles are large and measure approx 1inch plus in size.

A quick word about tumbled stones, palm stones and pebbles…
They are what they are, tumbled stones. This means they’ve been tumbled in a barrel with other crystals, sands and grits, to make them round and smooth. Most tumbled stones will show natural fissures and crevices. Some may have slight inclusions. Fissures and crevices can often be mistaken for scratches and damage. This isn’t the case.
We would all love a flawless tumbled stone, but the fact is, they’re pretty rare to find. Some tumbled stones are hand tumbled and polished. These will cost a lot more money than the standard tumbled stone. If a tumble stone looks flawless like glass, it probably is! Do not be put off by slight imperfections.

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