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AA Natural Citrine tower

AA Natural Citrine towerAA Natural Citrine tower

AA Natural Citrine tower


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I’m thrilled to be able to bring these fantastic natural Citrines to my shop. I hope you enjoy them. They’ve been a long time coming. The best things come to those that wait, hey? 😉 Ethically sourced by myself and a friend, directly from Aracuai – Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Natural Citrine comes in light, pale yellow, and dark smoky brown and yellow, called Smoky Citrine. You can often find some lovely stacked phantoms within the Smoky Citrine pieces.

This one weighs a whopping 650g – 130 x 70 x 50mm

I will always remember the first time I meditated and attuned to Citrine. It was during a workshop with about 12 other people, and almost immediately after closing my eyes, I got the giggles, and so did the woman next to me. We both had to leave the room. I giggled all night long. I love the uplifting energy that I get from Citrine.

Some Citrine energy is very different from another though. The Smoky Citrine fills me with so much energy and enthusiasm. I feel confident… that anything is possible. It clears my mind and makes a clear path for the way forward. The lighter-coloured natural Citrine is my number one for working with abundance. It has high zingy energy and attracts good fortune in all different ways.

Citrine is the stone of abundance, manifestation power, creativity, self-confidence and willpower.
I always have Citrine around when I’m working. It helps keep my mind clear and on point, and it assists my creativity when I’m writing (or trying to! 😉).

It’s like having a piece of sunshine in your pocket (these are a bit big for your pocket though!) I bow graciously to Citrine 💛

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