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AAA Preseli Bluestone Skull

AAA Preseli Bluestone Skull


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AAA Preseli Bluestone skull. Top-quality carve and polish. A mighty fine skull.

Preseli Bluestone is a dolerite rock from The Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, and is famous for being the stone that forms the inner circle at Stonehenge. A place of ancient healing, sacred as a healing site for thousands of years. The entire site is full of geomagnetic anomalies and powerful earth currents. Our ancestors building activities.
Sue and Simon Lilly have written a book on this wonderful stone and have spent many years researching the energy at Stonehenge. I quote their words when they explain that Stonehenge is one of the most iconic and evocative symbols of Britain’s past. At its heart is a mysterious rock, Preseli bluestone, which was transported from West Wales and placed in the centre of this important site. Up to eighty monoliths of Bluestone may have been present at some periods of Stonehenge’s development, arranged and rearranged into different shapes and patterns. It now looks as though the giant Sarsen stones were only a framework to hold and protect these centrally important bluestones. In their book they examine the reasons why stones from the remote upland of Mynydd Preseli in Pembrokeshire might have captured the imagination of our ancestors. Clues can be found in archaeology, in literature and myth, and in the two very different landscapes of Preseli and Stonehenge.

This skull weighs 553g and measures 78 x 70 x 56mm

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