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AAA Rainbow Hematite Quartz Sphere from Madagascar


AAA Rainbow Hematite Quartz Sphere from Madagascar


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This is the very best rainbow-filled Hematite Quartz sphere from Madagascar! Known also as Crimson Healers and Hematoid Quartz. It’s big and it’s very beautiful. A soft but very obvious presence.

I absolutely love it Hematoid quartz. It brings in gentle grounding. Unlike Hematite alone, it has a lighter vibration due to the amount of quartz included. I have a small sphere that sits in my pocket sometimes. I find that when working in a shop full of crystals, this particular crystal keeps me steady. It’s a great base chakra crystal to have, keeping you connected to what’s ‘real’ in the world.

Spheres have perfect symmetry and radiate their energy all around.

This sphere weighs 742g – 80mm

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