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Ammonite Pair

Ammonite Pair


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A beautiful Ammonite pair with an opalized shell. Technically, they’re called Cleoniceras Ammonites. They’re pretty old, only about 110 Million years old!!! That will be the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. This pair comes from Madagascar.

This Ammonite weighs 106g and measures 63 x 50 x 25mm

Ammonites were sea creatures that were close relatives of today’s octopuses and squids but they lived inside the shell. The shell was made from the mineral Aragonite, a shiny mineral that pearls are also made from. As they grew in size, ammonites added a new chamber to their shell, forming a spiral. The hollow inner chambers of the shell acted as air tanks to make them float. (sourced from DK Find Out!)

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