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Angelite tumbled stones.


Angelite tumbled stones.


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Angelite tumbled stones.

Angelite, or as it’s technically called; Blue Anhydrite, isn’t a stone that I’ve worked with but it is always on my ‘radar’! Naisha Ahsian explains that it is a Wind element stone and it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. It can facilitate connection with guides and angels and can assist one in moving into meditation more easily. It’s connection to angelic energies makes this an excellent stone to use when Divin intervention is called for. It is a stone of tranquillity and it invokes a sense of inner peace when it is worn or used in meditation. It can also assist in gentle communication and compassionate speech. Affirmation – I am always surrounded by love and benevolence, and I harken to the inner promptings of my angelic companions.

The price is for one stone and they measure approx 25 to 30mm

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When I select your tumble stone, I will always pick the best one I have at the time. Sometimes this might mean that the best is a little smaller than I would like and in this instance, I will always double up and send you two.

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