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Anxiety Crystal Bundle

Anxiety Crystal Bundle


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Anxiety Crystal bundle. This crystal bundle has been created with a lot of love and understanding. Perfect for anyone living with anxiety and managing stressful situations. It will also be beneficial for those struggling with depression. This crystal bundle can be placed in your pocket, held in your hand, put in your bag, laid out on any space, including your body…the choice is yours.

This bundle contains six premium tumbled stones that have been responsibly sourced. They’re very good quality and decent in size.

Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline – Lepidolite to keep the anxiety levels down and Pink Tourmaline for compassionate love for YOUrself.
Blue Lace Agate to help keep you cool and calm, while helping you to communicate your worries,
Tigers Eye for confidence and strength.
Chevron Amethyst for all-round protection and letting go of your worries.
Smoky Quartz to dispel any negative feelings.
Himalayan Jade to bring some nurturing, natural life force back into your mind, body and soul.
The pictures are stock photos. It is an example of what you will receive. There will be some variations in shape, texture and colour.

This bundle is offered to help and support on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Still, the advice given here should not be taken as an alternative to professional medical advice.

If you were to buy theses crystals individually in my shop, the cost would be approx £25

If you would like a copy of the information given here, I have a high quality pdf document that can be emailed to you if you wish. By reducing the amount of paper and ink I have to use, it helps save our beautiful planet. Join me and go digital.

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