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Aquamarine Stretch Bracelet.


Aquamarine Stretch Bracelet.


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💙 Aquamarine Stretch Bracelets 💙

Handmade at Castle Rocks Cornwall by my very talented and creative Aunt 💙

Aquamarine, as we know, resonates and works with the throat chakra, so given that this is a necklace, I would say it is a perfect way to make sure your throat chakra is fully aligned.
We often underestimate the throat chakra. We shouldn’t! I believe it to be one of the most important chakras as our words carry a vibration. Everything we say has an effect. We need to be careful of the vibration that our communication carries. A balanced throat chakra will help with ALL sorts of communication.

From a healing perspective, Aquamarine helps to cool and calm, from hot flushes to anger.
It has a refreshing energy, it helps keep me alert but at the same time, it keeps me calm, helping me to respond and not react.

Many thanks for looking
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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