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Azurite Cluster

Azurite Cluster


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A very fine collectors piece of the best quality Azurite. I sold one similar last week for £605 and saw it sold on eBay for £1.2K two days later. Although these have a high price tag, they are very reasonably priced.

Azurite clusters are becoming super rare, very expensive and highly collectable. This piece would not only be one of the finest crystals in your collection, it would be a good investment too!

You can see some videos here: https://youtu.be/_mdrKvNce-w

Read this if you wish: https://castlerockscornwall.com/crystal-currency/

This is piece weighs 931g and measures 116 x 86 x 60mm

This piece of Azurite is like the midnight sky, much much better in the flesh.

I’ve used Azurite a lot in the past, mainly on myself for clearing out the old clutter that remains in my mind! It’s like a scouring pad and I use Malachite a lot in healing. I find that it can assist in taking away aches and pains. It’s a big healer of the heart. Be prepared when working on heartfelt matters, Malachite has the power to shift deep-rooted stuff. It has male and female energy, bringing perfect balance.

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Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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