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Bi-colour Fluorite Generator Tower


Bi-colour Fluorite Generator Tower


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This is a very lovely bi-coloured, Rainbow Fluorite Generator Tower.

I don’t stock many Fluorite pieces because the Chinese pieces on the market are so ridiculously cheap, that I can’t compete. Most of the cheap ones are lab-made and if they’re not, they’re far from ethical!

Fluorite is a great healer. I find Fluorite helps me with focus and concentration. It’s been a very helpful stone over the last couple of years whilst I’ve been studying.

I do love crystal towers, points, generators……….whichever you prefer to call them. They stand tall and proud and emit a strong burst of energy.

Fluorite is also great at removing electromagnetic smog. Try having some by your electricals, especially your computer. Similar to black Tourmaline, I find I can spend longer on the computer when I have Fluorite around. It’s an all-around good healer, resonating with ALL the chakras.

This tower weighs 109g – 92mm tall

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