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This piece of Bismuth is part of the Castle Rocks Clear Out section of the shop.
In this new section, you will find last stock items (end of the batch). You will also find crystals that may not be categorised as premium grade.
Crystals are like us humans, and they come with scars, they tell a tale. Some may not be as pretty as others, but that isn’t any reason to disregard them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t matter what a crystal looks like, their energy remains the same, and they emit the same vibration – scars or no scars!

Crazy Bismuth.

It weighs 25g – 30 x 25 x 25mm

My daughter absolutely loves these, so when we were out ‘crystal shopping’ she was insistent that I sold this in my shop. I admit to knowing nothing about Bismuth but here it is anyway. It seems to be popular with people, so I’m happy to be selling it.

The structure is quite incredible, very eye-catching.

Thank you for looking
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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