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Black Moonstone sphere

Black Moonstone sphere


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A gorgeous Black Moonstone sphere with some stunning shimmer.

You can see a video here: https://youtu.be/tisSYERCBFs

Black Moonstone is very soft, smooth and velvety. I love it very much. It reminds me of soft silk, it’s heavenly. It has an affinity with the moon and all things related. It is especially good for women during ‘moon time’ and I find it to be a valuable ally when dealing with emotive issues.
I wish I could have a pillow made out of Black Moonstone – a soft one!

Affirmation – I call forth the energies of the deep Feminine, and I open myself to the inner gifts of the Goddess.

This sphere weighs 324g and measures 62mm from left to right as you look at it.

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Castle Rocks Cornwall xxx

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