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Chrysocolla Sphere

Chrysocolla Sphere


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This is goooorgeous Chrysocolla sphere. It’s a whopper.

As with most blue and green crystals, they’re notoriously difficult to capture on camera. The blue shows green and the green shows as blue. I’ve taken pictures outside and inside, all with natural light.

Two videos here – one inside, one outside:



I fell in love with Chrysocolla the moment I connected with it. It’s a real earth goddess stone and I find it to be incredibly nurturing. My Gaia stone 💚💙 It embodies all that is feminine. I have often visualised this sphere as our Mother Earth, looking from above, down onto the sphere, it reminds me of planet earth 💚💙

Chrysocolla is a very soft stone, so be careful with her.

This sphere weighs 793g and measures 83mm (from left to right as you look at it) –

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