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Dendritic Agate Large Palm Stone


Dendritic Agate Large Palm Stone


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If you love Dendritic Agate, you’ll love this. A STUNNING Dendritic Agate, large palm stone. Superb quality.

Dendritic agate is a type of agate known for its unique patterns resembling branches or tree-like formations. It is a variety of chalcedony, which is a form of microcrystalline quartz. The term “dendritic” comes from the Greek word “dendron,” meaning tree, and refers to the intricate and often fern-like patterns that can be found within the stone.

It’s worth noting that the term “agate” is used to describe a variety of banded chalcedony gemstones, each with its own unique appearance and characteristics. Dendritic agate stands out due to its remarkable dendritic patterns, which make it a popular choice among gemstone enthusiasts.
I’ve had a soft spot for Dendritic Agate for a long time, I think, because I can often see natural, organic patterns that remind me of trees and nature, very similar to the lovely Moss Agate.
It won’t come as any surprise to know that it resonates well with the earth chakras, although it can be used throughout the whole chakra system. I personally like to use it when I’m working with the lower chakras, bringing myself into my whole.

AFFIRMATION –  I am committed to doing the inner work that brings truth, growth and balance to my life.

This tower weighs 167g – 85 x 60 x 20mm

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