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Dioptase on matrix

Dioptase on matrixDioptase on matrix

Dioptase on matrix


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Gorgeous sparkly Dioptase on matrix.

It weighs 110g – 65 x 30 x 35mm

Robert Simmons from the Book of Stones explains how Green Dioptase sends its energies along the entire chakra column, from the top of the skull to the tailbone. It charges and activates the third-eye, heart and second chakras. its purpose is oriented toward balancing and healing. It can bring all the chakras into alignment, and send the Green Ray of healing throughout the body and auric field. It can be particularly balancing for females in the area of the reproductive organs. It is recommended as an energetic balm for women, especially those in the menopausal years. In the heart chakra, Green Dioptase provides empowering energy, supporting emotional well-being and enhancing one’s ability to give love to oneself and others. It also improves one’s capacity to accept and receive love. This is good for the heart on every level from the spiritual to the physical.

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