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Emerald tumbled stones

Emerald tumbled stonesEmerald tumbled stones

Emerald tumbled stones


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Gorgeous Emerald tumbled stones. The price is for one tumbled stone, they measure approx 25mm. When I select your tumble stone, I will always pick the best one I have at the time. Sometimes this might mean that the best is a little smaller than I would like and in this instance, I will always double up and send you two.

It’s no surprise that Emerald is another of my favourite stones. Any of the green stones sing to my heart, but Emerald is up there like royalty. Emerald reminds me to detach from any drama, to stand in my own true power and to love love love. Similar to Jade, it is an abundance stone, it can help you manifest almost anything you want. Emerald is also a great heart healer 💚

💚 Affirmation – Through love and compassion, all things are healed and blessings flow freely.💚

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