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Faden Quartz

Faden QuartzFaden Quartz

Faden Quartz


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Faden Quartz from Pakistan.

This Faden weighs 23g – 40 x 35 x 10mm

Faden Quartz is distinguished from other Quartz crystals by the presence of a fuzzy white line running through the crystal. The word ‘faden ‘ is German for fibre. The name of these crystals comes from the resemblance of the internal white line to a strand of white cotton/yarn or string. The faden line is usually relatively straight and can vary from about a millimetre to almost an inch in thickness.
Faden Quartz crystals are often tabular, and in these crystals, the faden line is always parallel to the tabular sides.
Faden Quartz is one of the premier healing stones of the Quartz family. Perhaps because the stones themselves were ‘injured ‘ (broken and re-healed) during their growth process, they carry the pattern of healing very strongly within their natural programming. Thus, when one moves into resonance with one of these crystals, one’s own capacity for healing is activated and/or reinforced.
Faden Quartz crystals are highly programmable, making it possible to increase their potency as healing stones. Working with focused intention, one may ‘install ‘ programs for different crystals to work on different maladies. With enough Fadens, a practitioner can build a set of crystal tools suitable for almost any vibrational healing application.
One advantage of using Fadens, in addition to their natural orientation towards healing, is that they retain their programming for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. In fact, if one wishes to change the programming of a Faden Quartz crystal, it must first be cleared of old programs. Burial in the ground for one week is recommended, but an overnight saltwater bath will also suffice for most purposes. (Simmons BOS)

BOS affirmation – I embrace the perfected energetic blueprint of my healing and wholeness.

This beautiful Faden weighs 46g and measures 60 x 40 x 20mm

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