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Fertility Crystal Bundle


Fertility Crystal Bundle


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This fertility crystal bundle has been put together with a lot of love and understanding. This crystal bundle is for anyone wanting to start a family or have another child/ren. The crystals will also support those that are having fertility treatment or those that are pregnant 😊

There are three sets available, small, medium and large. This is a medium-sized bundle.

The medium-sized fertility bundle contains:

Rose Quartz egg (large)
Carnelian tumbled stones x 2
Emerald tumbled stones x 3
Gem Garnet x 2
Moonstone x 2
Gem quality Rose Quartz heart x 1
Angel wing bowl (large)

The egg symbolises fertility and creation. Potential life, full of promise. Rose Quartz radiates the pure loving vibration that is needed when bringing life into the world.

Fire element stones such as Garnet and Carnelian help to balance the energy systems of the body. They govern the flow of energy through the meridians, they give the charkas vitality and, on a physical level, the reproductive system.

Emerald can help heal the heart. The ancient Egyptians believed Emerald represented fertility and rebirth.

Moonstone helps to nurture the womb space and provides women with strength and comfort.

The pictures are stock photos. It is an example of what you will receive. There will be some variations in shape, texture and colour, but all of the crystals you receive will be of the same quality.

This bundle is offered to help and support on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Still, the advice given here should not be taken as an alternative to professional medical advice.

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