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Frankincense Hojari Oman Sacred Herb – 50g and Charcoal discs x 10

Frankincense Hojari Oman Sacred Herb – 50g and Charcoal discs x 10


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This is the very finest Hojari Oman Frankincense sacred herb. The price is for 50g – you can see how much 50g is by looking at the picture of it in a white box and in the abalone shell. Each 50g will come with 10 charcoal discs. If you’ve never burnt natural Frankincense like this, do it! You’ll love it.

This Frankincense came from Star Child Glastonbury. This is what they write about it:

There are many species of Frankincense. Frankincense sacra (Hojari) trees grow in Oman and Yemen. This species produces what is rated as the highest quality of Frankincense available. Frankincense trees are incredibly resilient and can survive in the most adverse and hostile conditions. They grow very slowly and only begin to produce resin once they have reached 8-10 years of age. The sap is harvested by making repeated incisions. Each successive cut yields purer and clearer resin. Over harvesting has been a problem and wild populations are endangered. But the recognition of the tremendous value of these trees has led to conservation efforts and more sustainable harvesting practices.

This resin’s scent is simply divine.

Frankincense is protective, cleansing and uplifting. It has been an integral part of spiritual practices since ancient times. Its uplifting scent elevates the spirit to higher realms. It is relaxing and able to banish the dark shadows that sometimes cloud or frighten the mind.

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