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Freeform Amphibole Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz

Freeform Amphibole Quartz, Angel Phantom QuartzFreeform Amphibole Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz

Freeform Amphibole Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz


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Freeform Amphibole Quartz. These Amphibole Quartz pieces are like silk. I’ve been working tirelessly to get direct access to the Brazilian miners and suppliers, cutting out the middlemen gives me access to the A grade pieces.

Amphibole Quartz is also known as Angel Phantom Quartz.

Amphibole Quartz only comes from Brazil. It is a rare variety of Quartz with inclusions of various minerals that include Actinolite, Hornblende, Riebeckite, Richterite and Tremolite, either on their own or in a combination. The colours of the inclusions range from white, yellow, orange, and red/brown.

Since stocking some of these last year, I’ve spent quite a lot of time with the Amphibile crystal and its energy. It has become one of my favourite crystals. Contrary to the information I have found on the internet, Amphibole Quartz harmonizes with the lower chakras, more so than the higher chakras. The term Angel Phantom was given to the Amphibole quartz due to the resemblance of Angel Wings in the clay-like inclusions. I think the association of the word Angel takes people to the celestial levels of spiritual awareness but this is not true for me. The energy is grounding, stabilising and strengthening. It has become my go-to stone for shamanic journeying. Staring into the many layers of a piece of Amphibole makes it very easy to connect to my spirit guide and spirit animal. I do understand the energy that moves from the base, through to the crown chakra, allowing the higher chakra to receive information from my spirit guide in the upper world. I’m still getting to know the energy. I highly recommend Amphibole Quartz for spiritual development and a meditation/journeying aid

The price is for one piece and they measure approx 1.5inch in length

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