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Gem Quality Aquamarine Puff Heart

Gem Quality Aquamarine Puff Heart


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Lovely little gem quality Aquamarine puff heart with a flat bottom, weighing 3.1g

Big isn’t always best! When something so exquisite comes your way, no matter how small….it’s love at first sight.⁣. If anyone told you size matters….rubbish! 😂

These beauties are the finest, jewellery grade Aquamarine puff hearts. I also have Heliodor, Morganite and Kunzite 😮⁣

I get super excited about small beautiful crystals, much more than the larger crystals in my collection. Some of my favourite, treasured pieces are no heavier than 5g and smaller than a 5p piece! My Herkimers for example, some of the Herkimer clusters I have are so beautiful they feel as big as a house. The same goes for these amazingly beautiful hearts. I love love love them. ⁣
Thank you for looking.
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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