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Gem Quality Morganite Heart


Gem Quality Morganite Heart


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An adorable gem quality Morganite puff heart with a flat bottom, it weighs 3.7g

Big isn’t always best! When something so exquisite comes your way, no matter how small….it’s love at first sight.⁣

These beauties are the finest, jewellery grade Morganite hearts. I also have Aquamarine, Heliodor and Kunzite 😮⁣

I get super excited about small beautiful crystals, much more than the larger crystals in my collection. Some of my favourite, treasured pieces are no heavier than 5g and smaller than a 5p piece! My Herkimers for example, some of the Herkimer clusters I have are so beautiful they feel as big as a house. The same goes for these amazingly beautiful hearts. I love love love them. ⁣Big isn’t always beautiful. If anyone told you size matters….rubbish! 😂

For me, Morganite encompasses all that is love. Every time I hold a piece, I find myself closing my eyes and smiling. It makes me feel safe. It’s like a blanket of love holding me steady. It has a real nurturing energy. A go-to stone when in need of compassion and love.
When Robert Simmons says that it opens the heart on another level, making us aware of the huge ocean of cosmic love within which we all exist, he’s not wrong.
The BOS also states that it can help rid of one’s attachments to past relationship that have ended badly or about which one feels unresolved. IT can help identify the attitudes, past wounds and habitual relationship patterns that may be standing in the way of engaging one’s Soul partner.

Affirmation – Divine love enters this world through the gate of my heart.

Thank you for looking.
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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