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Genuine Moldavite, Chulm deposit, Czech Republic

Genuine Moldavite, Chulm deposit, Czech Republic


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Genuine Moldavite from the deposit that is next to the famous Chulm mine in the Czech Republic. It’s the real stuff! This piece is undamaged, large and a serious collector’s piece. I’m calling it the Oak Tree, it reminds me of a piece of tree bark from an Oak Tree.

It weighs 15.9g – 79.5ct

Investing into genuine Moldavite is a very smart move. You WILL make money if you need/want to. As with most rare crystals and minerals, Moldavite has been gaining in value steadily over the last few years and the biggest price jump is just around the corner, I’m sure of it. Moldavite is becoming almost impossible to get hold of. Even the most famous locations like Locenice, Vrabce and Slavce are nearly mined out. Besednice, Chulm and the other famous locales have long ago been closed down. The latest craze on TikTok and other manifesting platforms will only make them harder to come by.

I do like Moldavite but only in small doses. I’ve had a lot of it around over the last few months and I’ve become more comfortable with it.

Robert Simmons from The Book of Stones writes really well about Moldavite. I bow graciously to Simmons for sharing his extensive knowledge of this particular stone. I highly recommend researching what he has to say.

Keywords for Moldavite are Transformation – Raid Spiritual Evolution – Chakra Activation – Cleansing – Protection – Increased Incidence of Synchronicities 💚

Moldavite was formed when a meteorite crashed to earth in the Czech Republic, the area it crashed down on is now called the Bohemian plateau and each piece of Moldavite found is approximately 14.8 Million years old.

💚 Affirmation – I open myself to transformation and I invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny (Naisha Ahsian) 💚

It weighs 12g – 30 x 25 x 10mm

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