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Golden Healer Palm Stone


Golden Healer Palm Stone


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Golden Healer palm stone.

Golden Healers are amazing stones for bringing in some comfort and warmth. Golden Healers can support you during the darker, gloomy days. A real golden ray of light.

Golden Healers are Quartz with Hematite/Iron running through them. I find the energy very similar to Carnelian but softer and smoother. They make me feel warm and happy. A Golden Healer would be the perfect gift for someone who struggles during the winter months, someone who experiences the shorter nights with difficulty. They bring the sunshine back and they really make you smile. We could all do with a bit of that!

I HIGHLY recommend them.

This Golden Healer palm stone weighs 130g and measures 68 x 45 x 30mm

A quick word about tumbled stones, palm stones and pebbles…
They are what they are, tumbled stones. This means they’ve been tumbled in a barrel with other crystals, sands and grits, to make them round and smooth. Most tumbled stones will show natural fissures and crevices. Some may have slight inclusions. Fissures and crevices can often be mistaken for scratches and damage. This isn’t the case.

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