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Golden Selenite from Peru

Golden Selenite from PeruGolden Selenite from Peru

Golden Selenite from Peru


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Rare Golden Selenite from Peru.

When I first met Golden Selenite I was so taken by its beauty that I had to sit with it for a while, I couldn’t quite believe it, I thought Selenite was only white and peach, not gold! Silly me, our beautiful Mother Earth never fails to amaze me. Still to this day, each time I handle a piece, I feel the need to run to the nearest person to share the beauty. Words cannot describe how incredible these pieces are. The Golden Ray of creativity and manifestation of one’s desires.

The Selenite turned gold from being trapped underground and underwater for a very very long time.

Golden Selenite has a matrix made of sand, salt, grit and other porous material. PLEASE keep it at room temperature. The matrix will crumble, it might split, it might release water if there is salt in the mix (similar to Himalayan Salt). The crystals are very tough and held firmly in place. I have shipped many a Golden Selenite all around the world and I’ve never had a problem. I pack sufficiently and protect as much as I can but there are always risks with crystals such as this. I can’t be held responsible if pieces fall or break. I have confidence in safe travel though but I do need to mention this.

This piece weighs 182g – 100 x 50 x 45mm

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