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Healer Herkimer Diamond Cluster

Healer Herkimer Diamond ClusterHealer Herkimer Diamond Cluster

Healer Herkimer Diamond Cluster


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This is a truly stunning Herkimer Diamond cluster. The pictures do not do it justice. Please watch the full length video. Truly one of a kind. One of the best!

As much as I love Herkimers, I don’t enjoy taking pictures of them, they’re exceptionally difficult to capture. The pictures don’t do it justice. The Herkimers are a thousand times better in the flesh.

Many Herkimers include Iron, which makes them ‘Golden Healers’ and most of them contain Carbon and Anthraxolite (the stuff that makes diamonds) – some are skeletal, filled with rainbows and you might be lucky enough to find a floating water bubble!

Herkimers are the purest of quartz (in my honest opinion). They hold a super high vibration. They’re excellent in aiding clarity. A go-to stone for amplification of surrounding crystal energy. They are excellent crystals to use for connection, purification and manifestation.
Increased clarity heightens psychic ability, intuition and instinct!
They’re very good crystals for any light/energy worker/healer and they’re just the best for balancing the chakras.

This Herkimer weighs 92g 65 x 40 x 35mm

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