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Hematoid Quartz Palm Stone, Crimson Healer


Hematoid Quartz Palm Stone, Crimson Healer


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A nice Hematoid Quartz palm stone.

Don’t be put off by the name, some people don’t like or resonate with the word ‘Hematoid’, think of it more as red quartz Crimson Healers.

I absolutely love Hematoid quartz. It brings in gentle grounding, unlike Hematite alone, it has a lighter vibration due to the amount of quartz included. I have a small sphere that sits in my pocket sometimes. I find that when working in a shop full of crystals, this particular crystal keeps me steady. It’s a great base chakra crystal to have, keeping you connected to what’s ‘real’ in the world.

This palm stone weighs 140g and measures 62 x 50 x 32mm

A quick word about tumbled stones, palm stones and pebbles…
They are what they are, tumbled stones. This means they’ve been tumbled in a barrel with other crystals, sands and grits, to make them round and smooth. Most tumbled stones will show natural fissures and crevices. Some may have slight inclusions. Fissures and crevices can often be mistaken for scratches and damage. This isn’t the case.

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