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Hidden Forest Fluorite, Diana Maria

Hidden Forest Fluorite, Diana Maria


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Hidden Forest UK Fluorite Crystal, Diana Maria, Frosterley, Weardale, England.

I’m excited to showcase some world-class UK Fluorite crystals. All of these Fluorite crystals were carefully handpicked. They are damage-free and worthy of museum cabinets.

I have three different types of world-class UK Fluorite. This is called ‘Hidden Forest’.

A deep rich forest green (it’s in the name). The colour saturation is the finest I’ve seen.
The Hidden Forest Pocket was discovered and mined in the summer of 2021. It lies at the intersection of the Sutcliffe and Greenbank veins.
Fluorite in this pocket is entirely masked by an unattractive thick layer of rust coloured Calcite.
Advantageously, however, this has protected the Fluorite hidden beneath. Once the Calcite is removed, the unmasked Fluorite is magnificent and completely undamaged.

The pocket where they are found is complex and requires careful development and extraction. A lengthy process is taken with a lot of care. The end result…an outstanding cluster of Fluorite.

This crystal will be sold with a description card. It weighs 35g.

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