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Himalayan Jade Palm Stone

Himalayan Jade Palm Stone


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If you like Jade, you will love this! Gorgeous Jade from the Himalayan region. I’ve been waiting for these for ages! Himalayan Jade is very rare and sought after.

Jade is up there in my top 10, I could go so far to say my top 5. It has helped with my personal growth and healing and I bow graciously to it. I use it a lot to lay in abundance crystal grids with Citrine, they work in perfect harmony and the abundance that flows my way, in all different forms never fails to amaze me. If you use your clear intention and ask, you will receive.

Jade is a fantastic healer, it makes you feel good. It makes you feel alive and real. It keeps us connected with nature, it’s a great stone for those that enjoy the outdoors – or for those that don’t get enough of the outdoors and it is a great tonic. I highly recommend Jade for good health and abundance.

The toughness of Jade made it a favoured stone for the tools of primitive people, and it was used to making axes, clubs, knives and various other weapons. In later cultures, it was valued for its beauty and a tremendous variety of gems, libation vessels, incense burners, buttons, beads and even such unlikely items as musical instruments and pendants inscribed with poetry have been carved from Jade.
In China, Jade has been the most highly esteemed stone throughout recorded history. For many centuries it was believed to strengthen the body during life and protect one after death. Similar beliefs also existed in pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America. The Maoris of New Zealand also cherished Jade as a powerful talismanic stone. (BOS)..

Affirmation – I love life, and it flows through me in ever greater abundance

This Jade palm weighs 70g and measures 36 x 60 x 23mm

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