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Included Quartz Garden Lens, Shaman Quartz, Landscape Quartz


Included Quartz Garden Lens, Shaman Quartz, Landscape Quartz


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These included Garden Lenses from Brazil are lovely. So much going on inside. Quartz like this is often referred to as Shaman Quartz or Landscape Quartz. I have a number of these for sale, they are all very different and these latest ones are very the best quality with a lovely polish to them.

This lens weighs 24g – 25mm

I have to brush up on my knowledge of these included quartz pieces, I believe the red inclusions are Lodolite but they could be Hematite, the green is Chlorite and the white is some sort of sediment.

Anyway…….there’s no denying that these are lovely pieces of quartz. Pieces like that have become called Shaman Quartz overtime. They’re said to be able to assist in journeying and delving deep into the wise wisdom of the Shaman. I find the phantom included pieces are very good meditation aids.

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