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Infinite Sphere

Infinite SphereInfinite Sphere

Infinite Sphere


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Infinite Sphere.

This sphere weighs 183g – 50mm

The Book states that the keywords for the Infinite Stone are: Healing and protecting the auric field, activating kundalini, sensitivity to subtle energies.
Infinite can assist one in connecting with the energies of Nature. It is a good stone to bring along for outdoor meditations, as it can help one to see devic spirits, fairies and the spirits associated with waterfalls, mountains, canyons or other power spots. Infinite is a stone of geomancy. It can heighten one’s sensitivity to ley lines, the ‘dragon currents’ of the Earth’s meridian system. It can assist in all types of dowsing—for water, minerals, oil, and other things such as lost objects. It helps one to do body-oriented dowsing, such as kinesiology. It can increase the potency of reiki and other types of energetic healing.

Infinite is an Earth element stone that acts as an energetic insulator for the aura. It is helpful for those who feel frazzled or energetically drained, as it seals and reinvigorates the energy field. Infinite can be used for protection when one is entering into difficult situations and is excellent for those who are surrounded by intense negativity.

💚 My etheric body is vibrant and whole, sealed and protected, and I am open and sensitive to the many vibrational currents and frequencies that run through existence 💚

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