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Large common Citrine point

Large common Citrine point


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This is a gorgeous common Citrine point.

This piece of citrine weighs 147g and measures 91 x 37 x 42mm

I have a lot of Citrine in my home, it’s my number one go-to stone when I need a boost of willpower. I bow graciously to Citrine. It’s the sunshine when it’s gone away. It’s the strength we need to step forward and be who we really are. It can really help us become who we really are. It’s a master abundance stone. Placing Citrine in the far left corner of your home can attract abundance to you in all shapes and forms.

I’m listing these Citrine points along with my article about Crystals for Beginners – you can see that here: https://castlerockscornwall.com/crystals-for-beginners – you can also buy this one on my website where you’ll earn gems in the Loyalty Reward scheme.

Common Citrine is heated Amethyst.

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