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Large White Topaz Crystal

Large White Topaz Crystal


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This is one of the largest Topaz crystals I’ve ever seen. A very lovely white Topaz crystal with lots of iron inclusions. Iron is what gives it the red colour.

This Topaz crystal weighs 528g – 90 x 65 x 60

The magic of White Topaz is that it can be used to speed up the vibrational energy of one’s intention, shortening the time period between initial focus and fulfilment of one’s vision. This is a gift, because it helps one learn faith more easily, which accelerates one’s progress in becoming a conscious cocreator (BOS)

Spiritually – White Topaz helps one manifest one’s highest spiritual path by assisting one in perceiving Divine Will. It helps one to align one’s words with truth and to perceive truth or untruth in others.
Emotional – White Topaz helps those who have difficulty in telling the truth due to fear, or who harbor the desire to manipulate others. It can assist these individuals in gaining the confidence to face the truth and to speak it clearly. It is also an ally for those who need to determine their personal truth and to be able to tell if others are lying.
Physically – White Topaz can help strengthen hair and fingernails.

Affirmation – I express the highest vibrations of Spirit in all that I do.

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