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Laser Lemurian Seed, Lemurian Quartz


Laser Lemurian Seed, Lemurian Quartz


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This is a genuine Laser Lemurian seed crystal from Serra do Cabral, said to be the original source of Lemurian Seed crystals. This one has a lovely baby Lemurian growing from the base. A lovely Lemurian seed for your collection.

It weighs 21g – 85mm

You will hear the term Lemurian Seed crystals, Lemurian Quartz, Lemurian Blades of Light, Scarlet Temple Lemurians, Root Lemurians, Golden and Pink Lemurians…there are plenty of different types of Lemurian crystals. Still, for them to be a true, authentic Lemurian, they must come from the Diamantina region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Or must they? Who am I to say! The Lemurian Blades of Light come from Colombia. So can the Blades of Light be true Lemurians? If I’m honest, I don’t know. Have they been given the name Lemurian because they exhibit the same like striated sides, the ladder-like markings that run down the shaft of the crystal? Or did the transmitted frequencies from the Brazilian Lemurian seeds create the Colombian Lemurians? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. There is a wealth of information on Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis out there, enjoy yourself researching.

Brazilian Lemurians are often frosted on certain sides, they also come in different colours, red, pink and gold. All Lemurians should distinctly show the ladder steps or striated sides. You must be able to feel them when you rub your fingers up and down the shaft of the crystal. Most Lemurians will be a tapered crystal point, but I have seen and sold Lemurian clusters as well as Lemurian tabby crystals.

My experience of working with Lemurian quartz is one of completion. The light of the Lemurian pours in infinite amounts of love. Love for one and all. An endless supply. Lemurians are crystals of regeneration. They will become your friend and ally. They will guide you, hold you and advise you. They will help amplify your intentions, and they will work in harmony with any other crystal. They’re excellent tools for activating crystal grids and bodily layouts.

Affirmation – I reconnect with my own soul and the Divine Feminine, and I call forth knowledge, wisdom and power from the ancient realm of Lemuria.

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