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Libyan Desert Glass, Libyan Gold Tektite


Libyan Desert Glass, Libyan Gold Tektite


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Libyan desert glass. Also know as Great Sand Sea Glass, Tektite Meteorites and Libyan Gold Tektite.

Libyan Desert Glass is the remaining evidence of a tremendous asteroid or comet impact with the Earth. Some scientists think an air burst explosion caused the release of sufficient heat to melt and fuse the surface desert sand forming the Libyan Desert Glass.

It is found in the eastern Sahara Desert between the towering dunes of the Eastern Great Sand Sea of Egypt. Between these dunes are long narrow gaps where the bedrock is exposed. It is in these areas of exposed surface that this natural glass is found.

This piece of Libyan Glass weighs 20g and measures 35 x 34 x 19mm

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