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Lustrous Black Tourmaline and Quartz

Lustrous Black Tourmaline and Quartz


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Top grade, natural Black Tourmaline with fantastic lustre, hosted by a lovely large piece of snow-white quartz.

I’ve always said if I were to marry a crystal, it would probably be Black Tourmaline 🖤 I love it.

Black Tourmaline is my go-to stone for protection. From anything really. I grid my house with it, I have it all over the place. I always carry some in my bag, car and pockets. It’s a trusty, loyal and protective friend. I highly recommend it, especially during these trying times.

They’ve been called etheric vacuum cleaners! If not used for protection, Black Tourmaline can be used for purification.

Affirmation – I banish all negative attachments, within and without. I am purified, grounded and centred upon the Earth.

This magnificent piece weighs 966g and measures 151 x 88 x 65mm

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