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Mangano Calcite Sphere

Mangano Calcite SphereMangano Calcite Sphere

Mangano Calcite Sphere


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This is a stunning Mangano Calcite sphere. It is absolutely perfect in every way.

Mangano Calcite is very soothing and calming, it’s a perfect stone to have in a child’s bedroom, especially if they suffer from getting to sleep or resting. It is a beautiful stone, with a loving vibration.
It supports emotional healing and can help activate and open the heart chakra.
It’s especially good if you’re struggling to connect with your emotions. A very lovely energy

Affirmation – My heart is in a state of constant well-being and appreciation, and through my heart, I am connected with All That Is.

Sphere’s have perfect symmetry, a crystal sphere will release energy and vibration in all directions.

The sphere weighs 402g – 65mmfrom left to right (as you look at it).

Thank you for looking.
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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