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Mini Starbrary Quartz Cluster


Mini Starbrary Quartz Cluster


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A very sweet small Starbrary Quartz cluster. The markings aren’t in an abundance on this cluster but it is genuine Starbrary Quartz from the Serra do Cabral mountain range. This is said to be the original source of the first-ever Lemurian seed crystals.

Starbrary optical quartz is up there with the Colombians (in terms of clarity and purity). Optical Quartz is so mind-blowingly beautiful that whenever I find any, I sit in awe for hours and hours, even with the smallest little bit. The vibe is super high, the energy is clean and pure and they quite literally give me goosebumps from head to toe! Although related to the Lemurians, their energy and vibration is totally something else.

Starbrays have etchings, record keepers and interesting glyph markings all over. They get their name from the appearance of falling stars or meteor showers that show their markings on the crystal. They’re very interesting! They have a super high vibe.

It weighs 38g – 30 x 40 x 25mm

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