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Muso Habit Columbian Lemurian Blade of Light

Muso Habit Columbian Lemurian Blade of Light


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A genuine, bona fide, Columbian Lemurian Blade of Light with a great muso habit termination. Some call them Columbian Lemurian Light Crystals. They have insane clarity, they’re super pure and very high vibe. Columbian Quartz is the finest Quartz in the world and many lightworkers choose to work with this quartz due to its ability to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Columbian Quartz, especially the Blades of Light are very difficult to source and come with a high price tag. I have tried to keep these as affordable as possible but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re the most expensive quartz crystals on the market!

This is not to be mistaken by a Lemurian seed crystal – they are two very different crystals.

If you are looking for a personal crystal, a master crystal for your own collection, one to use for personal healing, the one you treasure the most, I would highly recommend Lemurian or Columbian quartz. They’re lightworker tools. They facilitate meditation very well and bring in such clarity, they soon become very loyal friends. If you’re intuitive or psychic, a Lemurian will add another level of awareness within a flash.

This extract comes from the Book of Stones – a book I highly recommend.
If you work with Lemurian Blades of Light Crystals, you may experience visions from a past civilization called Lemurian.
Lemurian Light Crystals are deeply soothing and quieting to one’s consciousness, even as they awaken the Inner Light. They can help one enter quickly and deeply into meditative states, releasing stress and opening the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. Further, they can help one to become more coherent. Increased crystalline coherence in the body seems to enhance one’s capacities for all sorts of expanded awareness. In spiritual self-healing, Lemurian Blades of Light Crystals can be used to support the brain and central nervous system.
SPIRITUALLY – Lemurian Light Crystals stimulate visionary experience and expansion of consciousness. They initiate pleasurable experiences of inner Light.
EMOTIONALLY – Lemurian Light Crystals elevate one’s awareness above the usual interplay of positive and negative emotions, allowing one to experience expanded consciousness as pure pleasure.
PHYSICALLY – Lemurian Light Crystals offer energetic support to the brain and central nervous system and may aid in overcoming brain dysfunctions.

Affirmation – I open myself to the gift of Inner Light, and I embrace with enthusiasm the pleasure of expanded consciousness.

This Columbian Blade of Light weighs 20g and measures 85mm long.

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