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Native American Tan Leather Medicine Bag


Native American Tan Leather Medicine Bag


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These Native American medicine bags are hand made by Sylvia Jackson and other members of the Navajo Nation (Din’eh). This is a group of Navajo women, helped by their children to make deerskin medicine bags.

These are very good quality and come with a certificate of authenticity. They are made from ethically sourced Deerskin. The traditional leather for medicine bags.

There is the Bear, Wolf, Turtle and Feather.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always carried a medicine bag, it contains different things at different times but it always carries a crystal. These medicine bags are perfect for that special crystal you always carry with you. I have my most treasured Herkimer in my Bear medicine bag.

The actual bag part (the bit you put your items into) is about 5 cms (2 inches). Total length of leather cord for hanging around neck is about 28 inches (70cms) but this length is adjustable by moving the knot.

The leather is lovely and soft and the finish is excellent. The bead that sits on the cord slides easily up and down the leather straps, which then allows space for you to open up the bag. The spirit animal or animal totem is made of wood and tied onto the leather on the flap. The chord that goes around your neck is quite long and is made so that you can tie it to whatever length you wish it to be.

I hope you like them, thanks for looking
Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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