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Natural Blue Lace Agate

Natural Blue Lace Agate


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Natural Blue Lace Agate from Malawi.

I’m listing these pieces of Blue Lace Agates along with my article about Crystals for Beginners – you can see that here: https://castlerockscornwall.com/crystals-for-beginners – you can also buy this one on my website where you’ll earn gems in the Loyalty Reward scheme.

Blue Lace Agate is one of the crystals I believe should be in the ‘first aid’ pack for any crystal healer, for use on self or others. It resonates with the throat chakra and is an excellent aid in helping with communication. Blue Lace Agate became a very good ally of mine when I was preparing to speak publically. I’ve learnt to trust in Blue Lace Agate for its ability to help me communicate exactly what I’m feeling/needing/wanting.
Do you often find it difficult to communicate calmly when tempers are high? Blue Lace Agate can help with this. I can help keep you calm and cool.

Life is vibration, everything in life is a vibration – our words carry a vibration, one that we must be aware of, especially during these times. Blue Lace Agate can help keep that vibration in line with love and compassion.

This lovely piece weighs 51g and measures 46 x 39 x 30mm

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