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Natural Elite Lapis Lazuli

Natural Elite Lapis LazuliNatural Elite Lapis Lazuli

Natural Elite Lapis Lazuli


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How about this then? This is a premium grade, elite Lapis Lazuli. 100% natural, as nature intended. The blue is insane! You’ll be hard-pushed to find Lapis better than this.

Personally, when I sit with or work with Lapis, I journey to Egypt. I find that I can work with the energy of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. This is my own personal experience, yours may be different, but I think you’ll find it easy to connect with the ancient Egyptian energies when working with Lapis. I prefer to work with Lapis on my Third Eye, it helps me see and be guided by my higher power.

The Book of Stones also talks of the Egyptian connection, stating how it was used to entomb and decorate the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. As a stone of royalty and spirituality, it was unsurpassed and still carries the citation of the inner king of queens buried in each of us.

Naisha Ahsian claims that Lapis is one of the best-known minerals for activating the higher mind and psychic abilities. Her affirmation is – I claim the sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth.

This Lapis weighs 108g 60 x 52 x 16mm

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