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Natural Kunzite


Natural Kunzite


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Lovely natural, Violet Kunzite. Some of these pieces are very gemmy in places. Natural, raw, rough Kunzite like this is perfect for wire wrapping and of course, for use in crystal healing. Having a piece of this Kunzite will certainly lift your mood. This lovely piece comes from Minas Gerais in Brazil.

I really enjoy the energy that Kunzite has to offer, it really brings out my inner child. I spend a lot of time giggling with Kunzite.

The BOS tell us that the energy of Kunzite teaches us the value of joy and celebration/ Joy is the ability to open your heart and truly received the Love of the Divine Source, whatever form this Love may take at any given time. Sometimes the Love of the Divine will appear as a gift in physical form.

Spiritual – Kunzite connects one to the energy of Divine Love underlying all of creation.

Emotional – Kunzite assists one in releasing resistance to life, and aids on in becoming receptive to experience love and energy.

Physical – An excellent support for healing any physical blockage or obstruction. It eases stress and supports the parasympathetic nervous system.

Affirmation – I am open to receive divine Love, and I listen to its silent voice in my heart.

This piece of Kunzite weighs 40g and measures 47 x 32 x 19mm

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