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Ocean Jasper Palm Stone, Orbicular Jasper


Ocean Jasper Palm Stone, Orbicular Jasper


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This is a lovely Ocean Jasper palm stone. The correct name for Ocean Jasper is Orbicular Jasper – you can see why when looking at the coloured orbs or spherical zones.

I adore Ocean Jasper, it has a very soft, relaxing energy.

In the Book of Stones they say that Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It certainly is, it never fails to make me smile. Ocean Jasper helps to lift negativity.

Affirmation – I release negative patterns of thoughts, words and deeds which may adversely affect my emotional/physical self, and I embrace the many blessing of life.

This Ocean Jasper weighs approx 65g – 70 x 50 x 8mm

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