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Petrified Wood Branch, Fossilised Wood.


Petrified Wood Branch, Fossilised Wood.


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Soooo pleased to have some superb quality fossilised wood back in stock. This is part of a tree branch. Some call it petrified wood due to it having turned to stone.

It weighs 1.2kg – 55 x 120 x 90mm

\This wood is roughly 200 – 220 Million years old, from the Triassic period. When wood falls, it is quickly covered with fine-grained sedimentary rock. This allows for petrification, which preserves a large proportion of the original form of the wood. Growth rings, outer bark and even worm holes in the wood can be preserved in this process. It’s very cool to think that the dinosaurs possibly ate their dinner from these trees.

I have much petrified wood at home. I love how it keeps me grounded and connected with my true self. It has a deep, almost ancestral knowledge and tells me that all will be well if I keep steady and sure. It allows me to breathe and feel easy. It is said that Petrified wood can assist in past life recall and is especially useful for grounding insights one gains from experiencing these memories (Simmons).

A stone of Roots Naisha Ahsian calls it and I agree with her. Beginnings and ancient knowledge. The Old Ones of the Earth.

Affirmation – I grow and evolve slowly, steadily, with strength and patience, drawing from the lessons of my soul’s history.

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