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Petrified Wood sphere, Fossilised Wood sphere


Petrified Wood sphere, Fossilised Wood sphere


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This is a lovely fossilised wood sphere. Some call it petrified wood due to it having turned to stone. This particular wood comes from the Monkey Tree in Madagascar.

This sphere weighs 193g – 50mm

This piece is roughly 120 – 150 Million years old, the Triassic period. When wood falls, it is quickly covered with fine-grained sedimentary rock, this allows for petrification, which preserves a large proportion of the original form of the wood. Growth rings, outer bark and even worm holes in the wood can be preserved in this process.

I have a lot of petrified wood at home. I love how it keeps me grounded and connected with my true self. It has a deep, almost ancestral knowledge to it and tells me that all will be well if I keep steady and sure. It allows me to breathe and feel easy.

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