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Picture Japser, Polychrome Jasper Sphere

Picture Japser, Polychrome Jasper Sphere


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This is a very nice Picture Jasper sphere, it’s technical name is Polychrome Jasper.
It feels like silk and the markings are delightful.

After reading what Robert Simmons writes about Picture Jasper, it makes me want to work with it more because I love to journey to the core of the earth to find some wisdom from deep inside. Ancestral knowledge and wisdom, that of our Earth Mother.

Picture Jasper is said to aid the findings of the earth’s meridian system (ley lines). It can be used as a portal through which one can connect with the energy of sacred places during mediation.

Affirmation – I am one with the energy, history, substance and future of the Earth. I travel through inner space and time to discover knowledge and I use the fruits of my journeys for the highest good of all.

This sphere weighs 273g – 60mm from left to right as you look at it.

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Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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